WSQ Develop Organisation Relationships

Course Code: TGS-2020513203


Creating a harmonious workplace conducive for higher staff productivity has always been difficult due to different personalities, values and perceptions. This challenge has exacerbated with the increased workforce diversity in generation gaps, nationalities and culture.

This course incorporates DISC personality profiling and participants will be trained in people reading and relationship skills, conflict management, teambuilding and managing diversity, to turn barriers into bridges and build a cohesive team at work.

Key Competences

  • Develop workplace relationships
  • Manage a diverse workforce
  • Building a cohesive team

Course Outline

Day 1

Workforce Diversity

– Workforce Characteristics
– Dimensions of Difference
– Cultivating Culture of Inclusion

Challenges in Diversity

– Unintentional Unconscious Bias
– Personality Differences
– Embracing Diversity

Day 2

Managing a Diverse Workforce

– Essential Leadership Qualities
– Good Workplace Communication
– Conflict Resolution Skills

Building a Cohesive Team

– 10 Laws of Teamwork
– 5 People Principles
– Strategies for Creating Inclusion