WSQ Developing People

Course Code: TGS-2021513204


Human capital is ultimately the most important sustainable competitive advantage of organisations.

Developing and investing in people are critical to ensure business continuity, growth and success. Leaders and managers who are competent, passionate and intentional in people development are instrumental to maximise human potential at the workplace.

This module equips participants with the best practices in talent management. It helps learners identify the current and future skills requirements in line with business objectives and implement personal learning and development plan. Participants will also learn new skills and knowledge to facilitate performance coaching for team members.

Key Competences

  • Talent Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • People Development
  • Performance Coaching

Course Outline

Human Capital Management

– Talent Management
– People Development
– Trends and Best Practices

Skills Identification

– Training Needs Analysis
– Bridging Competency Gaps
– Managing Capability Development

Learning & Development

– Co-creating Individual L&D Plan
– Opportunities & Resources for L&D
– Stakeholders Consultation & Feedback

Performance Coaching

– The Principles of Coaching
– The Practice of Coaching
– Coaching for Performance