WSQ Facilitate Innovation and Change Management

Course Code: TGS-2021001925


This module seeks to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to foster the best practices in facilitating innovation and driving change initiatives.

Learners will have opportunities to learn to form a guiding team to implement change, develop a change vision and communication strategy for buy-in, promote enterprising behaviour and risk-taking, apply systems thinking to support growth, and foster a learning organisation.

Key Competences

  • Driving Innovation
  • Initiating Growth
  • Manage Change
  • Foster a Learning Organization

Course Outline

Day 1

Change Management

– Need for Innovation & Change
– Theories & Key Principles
– Opportunities for Growth

Planning Strategic Change

– Effective Change Vision
– Change Guiding Team
– Consequences of Change

Day 2

Empowering Change

– Engaging Stakeholders
– Encourage Enterprise & Innovation
– Removing Obstacles to Change

A Learning Organization

– Build On and Sustaining Change
– Grow as a Learning Organization
– Cultivating Corporate Culture