Student Support Services

Student Support Services

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School Student Services take on three major components in providing a settled and successful student life in Singapore, consisting of:
  • Arrival
  • Being part of the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Family and
  • Personal Growth Services.


腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School emphasizes a smooth arrival and simple orientation process which covers all major procedure requirements to ensure students have all essential matters settled so as to enable them to begin student life in Singapore as quickly as possible.

  1. Arrival airport pick-up
  2. Accommodation recommendation
  3. Student Pass application / extension
  4. Medical check-up arrangement
  5. EZ-link card application for local students

Being Part of the Y Family

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Membership

All 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School students are accorded 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 membership which entitles them to enjoy a wide range of benefits and facilities offered by the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载.

  1. 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Youth Membership
  2. Subsidized meals at the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Café
  3. Use of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 hostel rooms at subsidized rates for parents/guests
  4. Use of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 facilities at member’s rates
Student Welfare

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School believes in providing both a school and a homely environment for our students.

We genuinely welcome students into the ‘Y’ family!

Partnership with Parents
The school keeps a genuine watch both on students’ welfare and academic progress. This is especially so in the case of parents who may not be in Singapore with their children. As such, 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School has distinct success in its partnership with parents over the years and is appreciated by students and parents alike for our attention to student welfare.

Counselling is provided for students who need pastoral care and guidance. Problems and issues may include boy-girl relationships, studies, loneliness, anxiety or depression.

Grievance Procedure
The School has a procedure in place to address student grievances. This is to ensure that students have an avenue to voice their concerns and that their welfare is not compromised.

Festival Celebrations

As a multi-cultural organisation, 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 celebrates the major festivals observed by the different races in Singapore.

Personal Growth Services

As part of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载, students of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School are given opportunities to participate actively in numerous activities organised by the organisation to ensure a balanced school, fitness and social life.

  1. Co-curricular Activities
  2. Adventure Camp
  3. Learning Journeys
  4. Character Education Programme
  5. Community Involvement Programme
  6. Plain English-Speaking Award / Mandarin Speaking Award

Students would have to bear the costs / fees as charged by some service providers, where applicable.


Holistic Education

The 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education experience is diverse, exciting, comprehensive and challenging.

Apart from academic studies, every student is expected to foster their spiritual and social growth and to cultivate responsibility through work, outreach and service programmes.

Freshman Orientation

To help our freshmen in their transition to life as a 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School student, an orientation programme will be held.

This orientation programme provides all information regarding our services as we tour the facilities that make 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School a conducive environment for effective learning. Activities are incorporated into the orientation programme to create a fun and interesting atmosphere. We know that the one thing all new students can look forward to is the orientation programme where fun and interaction take place!

National Youth Achievement Award

Every student is encouraged to participate in the Singapore National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Scheme.

The aim of the NYAA Scheme is to encourage young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to themselves, to society and to the nation.

There are three levels of the Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold, where the young person is required to complete projects in the following areas:

  1. Service
  2. Adventurous Journey
  3. Skills
  4. Physical Recreation

A typical student will have a sport/game, and community service involvement (CIP).

Throughout the academic year, the student works voluntarily within the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 to cultivate respect for the value of labour.

The school of the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre is an authorised NYAA operating authority.

Assembly / Fellowship

At the heart of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education experience is teaching based on Christian values.

Students attend weekly school assemblies and chapel services to inculcate sound moral values and build strength of character in an ever-changing modern world.

Universally accepted Christian values of humility, compassion, caring, respect, integrity, responsibility, and more, are introduced in a delivery mode that is both refreshing and relevant to our students to help instil self-awareness.

Community Service Programmes

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 is proud to have very established Community Service Programmes that specialise in volunteer work for the underprivileged – ranging from troubled youths, the physically or mentally challenged, to the elderly.

The wide range of programmes welcomes both experienced and less experienced volunteers. Programmes are also designed to ensure fun and learning for our volunteers so all parties benefit from the experience.

Volunteer Programmes are run regularly and Students of 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre are encouraged to participate actively in these humanitarian efforts as part of our objective to instil a sense of selflessness and awareness of the community, region and world at large.

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Lifestyle & Sporting Activities

School students are encouraged to participate in activities that develop their physical fitness, artistic potential and well-being.

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 offers fitness and dance courses, performing arts productions, and outdoor and adventure programmes. 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 also develops social awareness and encourages youth volunteerism. Our Arts Education Programme has engaged 300,000 students over the past nine years. 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 offers treks, ski, snowboard and mountain bike trips.


Service Quality Targets

We are committed to:

  • Responding to feedback within 2 working days
  • Resolving grievances / disputes within 21 working days
  • Processing refunds within 7 working days
  • Issuing examination / test results:
  • Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools On the last day of term
    Preparatory Course for Secondary One and Secondary Two Within 14 working days from the last test date
    Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Examination
    Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Examination (Intensive)
    Preparatory Course in Academic English for International English Language Testing System Within 14 working days after the last paper
Student Contract

As required by the CPE, 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre will enter into a contract with students. The student contract lays out important terms and conditions governing the relationship between the students and 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre. To view a sample of the student contract, please refer to the CPE website at

It is our standard operating procedure to enter into a Student Contract with students prior to confirmation of enrolment and this policy is communicated to the student through our various communication channels, including our website.

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

We have in place the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to provide full protection to all fees* paid by all students as stipulated by the CPE. YEC has adopted the insurance scheme facilitated by CPE-appointed service provider, Lonpac Insurance Bhd.

YEC has entered into a master insurance agreement between CPE and Lonpac Insurance Bhd (the “Master Insurance Agreement”) for the purpose of insuring, among other things, the Student. This Master Insurance Agreement sets out, among other things, the events under which students are indemnified for their Course fees paid to 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre.

*All fees refer to all monies that are paid by student to be enrolled in 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 Education Centre courses except for course application fee and miscellaneous fees if any. GST is not inclusive as part of fees to be protected.

Medical Insurance

YEC has in place a Medical Insurance scheme for all its students as required by CPE under the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 certification scheme. This medical insurance scheme will minimally provide for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration.

Full-time Local / Permanent Resident or non-Student Pass International students who are protected by their own medical insurance in Singapore can opt out of the medical insurance scheme. Evidence of the medical insurance must be produced prior to course admission. This Medical Insurance scheme is not mandatory for part-time students.

Feedback / Grievance

We value your feedback. Should you have any pressing issues, please contact us immediately.

We will investigate and act to resolve areas of concern. Our interim response is within 2 working days. Depending on the complexity of the case, our response time is within 21 working days. If YEC is unable to solve the complaint amicably, students may refer to CPE mediation channel.

Please refer to for more information.

Visit /ymca/en/ymca-school/admissions/ for more information.

Commitment on Confidentiality of Student Data

We will safeguard, abiding to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information our students share with us. We will limit the collection and use of student information to the minimum we require to deliver superior service to our students, which includes advising our students about our academic services and other opportunities. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the integrity of the personal particulars and confidential information entrusted to us are not compromised unless required by law. We also undertake not to divulge student’s personal information to any unauthorised third party without the prior written consent of the Student.

Communication of Course Promotional Materials

We are committed to ensuring that our Programme brochures provide detailed and accurate information on the following: Terms of programmes – tuition fee and non-tuition fees, programme availability, duration of programmes, programme structure, programme outcomes, pre-requisites and programme requirements; Assurance of quality of programmes; Contact Details – Institution 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载, Facsimile Numbers, Names of Contact Persons, Telephone Numbers, Email 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载es Payment Details. Programme Brochures and Programme Fee Lists are also easily accessible to students before they sign-up.

Education Support Services

We are committed to providing advice on courses and post-graduation opportunities.

Student Care and Discipline

Fulfilling Students’ Academic Potential
  1. Every student can perform and achieve
  2. Every student is unique
  3. Each student can be developed into a future potential leader
腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School & Parents
  1. We thank Parents for their trust in us in helping to mould the lives of their children
  2. The School places strong emphasis on regular progress updates and partnership with parents
Student Performance Awards
  1. Our students are graded according to year-round performance and assessed based on their level of improvement.
Student Discipline

腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School operates as a regular school with a system of discipline and study. Parents and guardians receive regular updates on their children.

The 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School is responsible to stakeholders for a high standard of a Singapore brand of education. Towards this end, the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School exercises a strict system of supervision and care over each student that passes through its programmes.

The 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 School commits to providing term reports to each student, their parent/guardian and the schools/colleges concerned in the areas of:

  1. Attendance
  2. Conduct and Discipline
  3. Assessment
  4. Co-curricular Activities and Community Service Involvement
  5. Personal Well-Being

The School is obliged under immigration laws to report violation of the terms and conditions of student passes/visas.

Pastoral care and counselling shall be offered to every student-at-risk. Expulsion from school is not a desirable first choice option to deal with difficult students, but the School shall reserve the right to do so in order to maintain a quality delivery of the 腾讯体育_nba比分直播-在线app下载 brand of education.